DJ P-LOVE Returning this year!

We are pleased to announce that

DJ P-LOVE will join us again this year!

DJ P- Love aka Patrick Alston has been a DJ for 20 years. He went into the business because of his love of music and his passion for creating memorable events. He is from Raleigh, North Carolina and now lives in Dallas, Texas.

Patrick is a Navy veteran who served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt as an Aircraft Director.

So, when we asked Patrick to DJ for our 2016 Lone Star Military Ball he said yes and felt right at home among our military families and guests.


And we are so happy that he will rock the house again this year for our 24th Annual Academies Lone Star Military Ball.

    Patrick describes himself as an exciting, outgoing people person and he certainly proved that to us with his outstanding mix of music and entertainment. He specializes in custom mix and blends for continuous dancing and fun. He got our Ball started with a bang and kept it blasting with his state of the art equipment–concert speakers, a fog machine, light show, wireless mics, and a laptop music library that has over 10,000 songs covering music in all genres.

We can’t wait to see what surprises he has in store for us this year!