Game Watching Party-Save the Date and Wine Pull

Make sure to Save the Date for our annual Game Watch Party!

This is our biggest fundraising and we hope you can make it!

Place: Cool River Café, 1045 Hidden Ridge Irving, Tx.


Date:  November 4, 2017 — Army vs. Air Force Football Game

Time: TBD


What is a wine pull fundraiser?

A wine pull is a blind draw where every buyer wins a bottle of wine. Typically the wine pull will sell out quickly.  So make sure to get entered early.

Bottles are donated by individual parents of the five North Texas Service Academy Parent’s Clubs, then wrapped and numbered, so the label cannot be seen.  We will offer 60-75 bottles of wine.

Players pay $20 and draw a numbered cork from the bin.  The player wins the bottle with the corresponding number on the Wine Bottle Tag. Some bottles will be worth more than others. Many folks play several times.


How can you help?

Bring a bottle of wine to donate at your next club parent or ball planning meeting.  Please give it with your donation information, and value ( no less than $15) to your academy representative. We hope to get a few expensive bottles donated.  It makes the pull much more exciting when players know they have a chance at a $50  bottle for example.  It is important to donate early, so the bottles can be prepared for display at the event. DONATE EARLY AND OFTEN! Last year this fundraiser was very successful, and we want to raise the bar! This helps raise funds for the Cadets and Mids!