Sponsors–We appreciate you!

We appreciate and do not take for granted the sponsors who have so generously donated in the past and those who continue to donate to the Lone Star Military Ball.  100% of the generated support directly benefits the Cadets and Midshipmen as they graduate from one of the five Service Academies.

Without the generous help of local companies, we would not be able to hold this highly anticipated annual event.

By donating, companies are supporting the future military leaders of our country and helping to underwrite this memorable event.

Time and time again these outstanding leaders go on to become CEO’s, heads of state, strategic commanders, aviators, astronauts, politicians and government officials, physicians, scholars, and captains of industry.

Our demographic is an elite group of leaders, and everyone who associates with them.  Graduates of West Point, the Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy have entered and lead the business world after completing their military service. These graduates continue to shape our world, and have led many of the top corporations as CEO’s in America including Proctor & Gamble, 7-Eleven Corporation, America-online, Wendy’s Restaurants, Foot Locker, Nexus Lexus, Marriott International, Mercedes- Benz USA, and even Presidents of the United States.

Many companies now specifically recruit Service Academy graduates to lead and manage their companies because of their success in the private sector.

Please consider partnering with us this year!