Event Details

Special Guest and Keynote Speaker

Jake Ellzey, USNA ’92, Congressman

Newly elected Congressman Jake Ellzey proudly represents Texas’ 6th congressional district which spans from the Rangers Ballpark in Tarrant County to the booming suburbs of Ellis and Navarro Counties. Ellzey, a native Texan, lives with his wife Shelby and their two children on a ten-acre ranch in Ellis County, where they have spent the last decade.

At the age of seven, Jake decided he wanted to become a fighter pilot. Fifteen years later, he was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. Since his graduation, Ellzey has served our country and Texas for over 33 years.

Throughout his 20-year Naval career, Ellzey flew H-60 helicopters, F-14 Tomcats, F/A-18 Hornets, and Super Hornets in defense of our nation. He has logged 830 carrier landings, and he served a tour as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller on the ground embedded with Navy SEALs. He was deployed nine times during his military career with five combat tours over Afghanistan and two in Iraq.  Following his tour as Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron, he served as the Air Boss on the USS Ronald Reagan.

After his Navy career, he served Texas as a Commissioner of the Texas Veterans Commission, State Representative of the 10th District of Texas, ran a small business, and worked as an airline pilot.

Congressman Ellzey is committed to protecting private property rights, stopping high-speed rail, serving our veterans, lowering taxes, defending the 2nd amendment, protecting the sanctity of life, and working to ensure election integrity.

Photography and Entertainment

Event Timeline/Activities

  • 5:00 pm – Registration Open – Cadets and Midshipmen must sign in at their Academy Table and pick up dinner and casino tickets for their entire party.
  • 5:00 pm – Reception Outside Ballroom 
    • Purchase Drink Tickets in Advance or Cash Bar
    • Professional  Photography
  • 5:30 pm – Academy Group Photos  (Cadets and Midshipmen gather in designated areas, then proceed as a group for photos, then move to the designated area for Grand March Line Up – Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Merchant Marine.)
  • 5:45 pm – Parents and Guest enter the ballroom and take seats
  • 6:00 pm – Grand March and Recognition of Cadets followed by 
    • Dinner
    • Formal Program
    • Class of 2021 Recognition
  • Adjourn for Entertainment and Silent Auction – Casino Games (voucher for tickets distributed with tickets), DJ Music for Dancing; Photo Booth, Sketch Artists, Silent Auction; Professional Photography remains available; Cadet and Midshipmen gift drawing
  • 10:30 PM – Silent Auction Ends and Close Out/Pick Up Begins
  • 11:15 PM – Last Dance and Adjourn
  • There will be a changing and storage location available for female cadets and midshipmen who would like to change into civilian formal attire following the formal program. 

Hurst Convention Center Coronavirus Statement

The Hurst Conference Center wants to thank you, our guests, for your patience as the situation around the Coronavirus continues to evolve. We want to ensure that our guests are as informed as possible. Our highest priority at the Hurst Conference Center is the health and safety of our staff, our clients, and their guests. We continue to monitor and implement the recommended guidelines set by the State regarding meetings and large gatherings at event facilities. Therefore, in an effort to provide a hygienic environment, here are some examples of the practices the Hurst Conference Center has put into effect:

● Effective cleaning protocols in all public areas, meeting rooms, and restrooms

● The availability of hand sanitizer throughout the building

● We have upgraded to higher quality MERV 13 air filters in the common areas and restrooms, thereby enhancing the quality of the indoor air environment. These will filter out most bacteria and virus carrying particles and keep the indoor air environment clean from a wide variety of pollutants and allergens. They will not provide a sterile environment—no air filter can—but they will provide the cleanest possible air quality for a business or residence

● All staff responsible for handling Food & Beverage service will be outfitted with gloves and protective masks

● The Hurst Conference Center will follow all food service guidelines which will require meal services to be plated and limiting what will be preset on the tables

● In observance of “Social Distancing”, we will provide event floor plans and room layouts that will maximize the space capacity and best meet the needs of the program objectives while staying within the state recommended guidelines

● Employees are asked not to work if they are experiencing fever or other flu like symptoms.

● We are allowing only four people to sit at a standard round table. The mandate says that if someone is family or if they arrive together to the event then they can sit together at the event. I do encourage assigned seating.

● We are sanitizing all chairs and tables after each event and have sanitizer stations at entrances and outside of the restrooms.

● There will be no “un” covered preset items. We will still preset salads and beverages but they will come with covers. We will also have rolled up silverware in napkins instead of out and preset. Dessert will be served.

Our team wants our guests to know that we are very aware of, and understand the impact the Coronavirus is having not only on scheduled events, but for the planning of future events as well. We support our clients and value their business, and will work together on a case by case basis in an effort to find the best possible solution to meet the specific needs of their situation.

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